• Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pit: Which is Best for You?   

    In Kansas City and the surrounding area, the warmth and dancing light that a fire pit or fireplace gives your backyard are very welcome throughout the year, and especially during seasonal transitions when weather patterns are unpredictable and evening temperatures continue to dip below what’s comfortable. Both an outdoor fire pit and fireplace can provide […]

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  • A Unique Peaceful Backyard Idea: Use Hygge For a Tranquil Patio & Landscape  

    Your backyard is meant to be a key source of enjoyment for you and your family. It’s meant to be your refuge. It’s meant to be your escape when you want to relax, unwind, chill, and even have some fun. But your backyard can’t do all of these things for you if it’s a place […]

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  • Outdoor Kitchen Installation: Prices, Ideas, & Tips

    Many of us spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house. You eat your meals there, first of all – at least three a day. And it’s usually the gathering place for family check-ins, get-together, and regroups. You might prep meals together, pack lunches for the next day together, wash […]

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  • 7 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Design  

    Your Kansas City landscape is your oasis. After long days, you escape there to take deep breaths and enjoy the scenery and the sounds of birds chirping. You might even want to eat dinner out there after grilling your favorite foods in your outdoor kitchen. Al fresco dining surrounded by nature is the most relaxing […]

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  • All About Hygge Gardens and How to Create Them

    You long for a backyard that instantly melts away stress and brings you peace and contentment after long, hard days full of responsibility, work, deadlines, and anxiety. It’s the dream to have a place located right outside your backdoor where you can go to unwind. Why should you have to spend thousands of dollars and […]

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